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“It was pretty magic trash”

July 8th, 2019

On this episode, we recap our vacation and Dr. Ij talks about his relationship with his father.  Tiff and Priest D start us off, talking about the first half of their trip to Disney World (5:00). They talk about experiencing turbulence on the flight, matching outfits, Embassy Suites,  Magic Kingdom - Animal Kingdom - Gatorland, and standing in line for rides. Next, the crew talk about the family cruise (32:00). We discuss what it was like to be on a cruise with 50+ people, going to the different ports, playing games on the ship, and Dr. Ij streaking. We end the show with Dr. Ij talking about the altercation he got into with his father (1:05:00). 

Ridin In My Caddie Mixtape

June 26th, 2019

While we are on vacation, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite moments and Priest D’s budding rap career. Sit back and enjoy these laughs. (Bonus new track included).

  1. Whose putting it down - Freestyle (1:05)
  2. Whose putting it down - Interlude (2:20)
  3. It must be nice (4:50)
  4. Pimp (7:50)
  5. Growing up in the V (10:47)
  6. Cancun Storytime - Interlude (13:30)
  7. Dr. Ij Challenges Priest D (5:15)
  8. Book Review (18:00)
  9. Dr. Ij Challenges Priest D - Interlude (20:25)
  10. Abstinence (24:30)
  11. The Cutter Offer (26:20)
  12. Tiff’s Story (28:30)
  13. NKA , The Game Orchestrator - Interlude (30:06)
  14. Seven Months (31:20)
  15. Seven Months - Remix (34:05)
  16. Instant Millionaire B - Great Freestyle (35:30)
  17. New Track (36:30)
  18. Popping Tags (38:10)
  19. Vacationitis (40:05)
  20. Cockring, Divorce & Scarface (42:13)

G King Comic

June 24th, 2019

On this archived episode, we interview G King (@gkingcomic) before his upcoming comedy special with Kevin Hart - Hart of the City - airing July 5, 2019 @ 11PM on Comedy Central. Priest D and G start us off by reminiscing on some of the whooping they got as kids (7:30),  before G shares how he got involved in comedy (12:00).  We then get into relationships, fashion & skinny jeans, and what success looks like for a comedian.  G shares with us why he decided to be a clean comic and what clean comedy is (47:00). We also get into the comedy special, how G got connected with Kevin Hart and what its been like to be apart of that production (1:01:00). 


June 17th, 2019

On this episode, the crew geek out about their upcoming vacation…. again. Dr. Ij shares why he broke, before the crew start talking about their plans for the upcoming week. We discuss wardrobe, the cost of vacationing, levels of intoxication and vacation sex.  Please remember to subscribe, rate and review the podcast. 

Poppin tags all week

June 10th, 2019

On this episode, Tiff starts by sharing TMI, talking about gasoline and getting her car washed. We discuss the Netflix documentary “When they see us” (11:30). Tiff and Priest D do a check-in with Dr. Ij, now that its been a weeks since he has talked about his divorce (22:00). Theres more vacation talk, as the crew get ready to leave in a few weeks (31:00). Tiff does her round-up (58:00) and we end the show with Priest D and Tiff opening up about their niece being pregnant and running away from home (1:20:00)..

Cockring, Divorce & Scarface

June 3rd, 2019

On this episode, we get back to basics. Tiff’s “roundup” recaps her trip to Vegas (8:10). Dr. Ij explains his reasoning behind not following Tiff on IG (11:15). Priest D shares a story (24:00). Dr. Ij talks about his divorce and how its affecting his daughter (54:00). Priest D makes a claim that Scarface and Deadpool are the same the same category for his son (1:45:00). Please subscribe to the podcast and don't forget to rate & review. 

Klairkia_The Artist

May 27th, 2019

On this episode, we are joined by Sexual Educational Practitioner, @Klairkia_TheArtist to talk about her work as a life coach. We start by welcoming Tiff back and pleading with her to not leave Priest D and Dr. Ij alone anymore (4:00). We then discuss Game of Thrones and the series finale (***WARNING: SPOILER ALERT***). After our Game of Thrones discussion, Klairkia talks to us about sex, masturbation, maximizing orgasms and orgasmic moments, and how uncovering trauma can lead to a better sex life (18:00). Dr. Ij also shares why Kia scares him silly, while Priest D tries to share his Hippie label with her (39:00). The rest of the interview covers her yoga practice (47:30), growing up in Vacaville and experiencing bullying (56:00), and Priest D seeks advice about how to get into yoga (1:02:45).

S.O.S - HELP!!!

May 20th, 2019

On this episode, we have the host of The Scratching and Surviving podcast, Ms. Aries Webb-Williams, sitting in with the dudes while Tiff is #BookedandBusy. Priest D takes does the round-up and addresses the abortion ruling in Alabama (8:05). Dr. Ij and Aries give their thoughts on the impact the ruling will have beyond Alabama. Aries talks about being a co-parent vs a single mom (20:00). Priest D and Aries reminisce on their time working together, which leads to Aries comparing Dr. Ij and Priest D to Theo Huxtable (30:14). We end with discussing the entrepreneurial journey that Aries has been on since the start of the year (49:15). Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast. Rate & review us and be sure to check out The Scratching and Surviving podcast to stay up on what Aries is doing. 


May 7th, 2019

On this episode, we have S.Ladybug aka Shantell with us to talk about her yarn movement initiative and all of the other amazingness that she has done up to this point. The episode begins with the Ayesha Curry controversy (5:20) - was she fair or foul? Next we dive into s.ladybug’s history, beginning with how Priest D knows her. We cover her college education (30:00), working for Sony, NIH and Def Jam (43:00), and how crocheting became her saving grace (51:30). We also get into the humanitarian work that she is doing in Africa around her crocheting (56:30), how she got started in it and why she is so passionate about it. We end on a personal note by getting into relationships and how she manages her relationships given all the amazing things she is involved in (1:30:00). Please subscribe, rate and review. 

To support S.Ladybug's "Believe in What You Dream" International Empowerment Tour to East Africa this summer, where she will be working with 300 young girls, helping to make their dreams come true, then go to her website and donate.

Website - https://donate.yarnmovement.com/biwyd

IG - @s.ladybugofficial

Tiff’s Story

May 6th, 2019

On this episode, Tiff tells a story. We start with the passing of John Singleton (5:45), celebrate CC’s 3000th strikeout (12:45), and other things before getting to Tiffs story (26:00). Dr. Ij shares his revelation about his friendship with Priest D (46:00). We end the show talking about our latest health challenge, NO CARBS AND NO SUGAR (1:05:00), with the LOW CARB Tiff modification. 

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