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S.O.S - HELP!!!

May 20th, 2019

On this episode, we have the host of The Scratching and Surviving podcast, Ms. Aries Webb-Williams, sitting in with the dudes while Tiff is #BookedandBusy. Priest D takes does the round-up and addresses the abortion ruling in Alabama (8:05). Dr. Ij and Aries give their thoughts on the impact the ruling will have beyond Alabama. Aries talks about being a co-parent vs a single mom (20:00). Priest D and Aries reminisce on their time working together, which leads to Aries comparing Dr. Ij and Priest D to Theo Huxtable (30:14). We end with discussing the entrepreneurial journey that Aries has been on since the start of the year (49:15). Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast. Rate & review us and be sure to check out The Scratching and Surviving podcast to stay up on what Aries is doing. 


May 7th, 2019

On this episode, we have S.Ladybug aka Shantell with us to talk about her yarn movement initiative and all of the other amazingness that she has done up to this point. The episode begins with the Ayesha Curry controversy (5:20) - was she fair or foul? Next we dive into s.ladybug’s history, beginning with how Priest D knows her. We cover her college education (30:00), working for Sony, NIH and Def Jam (43:00), and how crocheting became her saving grace (51:30). We also get into the humanitarian work that she is doing in Africa around her crocheting (56:30), how she got started in it and why she is so passionate about it. We end on a personal note by getting into relationships and how she manages her relationships given all the amazing things she is involved in (1:30:00). Please subscribe, rate and review. 

To support S.Ladybug's "Believe in What You Dream" International Empowerment Tour to East Africa this summer, where she will be working with 300 young girls, helping to make their dreams come true, then go to her website and donate.

Website - https://donate.yarnmovement.com/biwyd

IG - @s.ladybugofficial

Tiff’s Story

May 6th, 2019

On this episode, Tiff tells a story. We start with the passing of John Singleton (5:45), celebrate CC’s 3000th strikeout (12:45), and other things before getting to Tiffs story (26:00). Dr. Ij shares his revelation about his friendship with Priest D (46:00). We end the show talking about our latest health challenge, NO CARBS AND NO SUGAR (1:05:00), with the LOW CARB Tiff modification. 

Seven Months

April 29th, 2019

On this episode, Tiff and Priest D acknowledge that Dr. Ij is right. But to start, the crew is hungry and tired (4:30). Priest D talks about a post he put on IG and the conversations its created (14:30). The crew also talk about the diversity, or lack thereof, of Tiff and Priest D’s friends and family (18:00), the protocol on a woman spending one-on-one time with a married man (22:00), and if its necessary for family to be explicit about their sexuality (27:30). Dr. Ij talks talks about the pressure put on women to get married and have children by a certain age (31:00). Also the trip tip ran out (52:00). 


April 22nd, 2019

This episode welcomes in a Hip-Hop artist from Sacramento, Mission. Tiff kicks off the episode by reviewing the Beyonce Homecoming documentary on Netflix (5:30). We discuss the talents of Kim Kardashian (15:00), rate classic movies (23:30), and Jada Pinkett (33:00) before learning more about our guest, Mission. Our interview with Mission covers his marriage, divorce and reconciliation with his wife (37:00), his relationship with God through the whole process and how he channelled his emotions through his music. Also Dr. Ij tries to convince Mission of his Ijeomaism on trust (1:18:00). We end with a discussion on defining success.

“Who says Chili’s”

April 15th, 2019

On this episode,  we go deep and talk about love ones passing away and grief. But first, why is Priest D tired? We discuss the joys of having a Black woman as a boss (7:00). As part of her round-up, Tiff asks if T.I. was out of bounds in the way he addressed Kodak Black’s comments (20:00). We get into grief, and the different ways that we grieve, with the crew sharing their own personal stories (30:00). Afterwards, we discuss Priest D’s ability to live his best life (49:00). 

RIP Nipsey

April 8th, 2019

On this episode, we start off by paying our respects to Nipsey Hussle - Rest in Power King - (3:30). We address the L’Daijohnique Lee assault in Dallas, TX and the value of having Black women in positions of authority (43:00). Priest D gets his friends mom to be his designated driver (59:30). Dr. Ij crying over his kid (1:07:00). Priest D offers Tiff a staycation away from the kids (1:31:00).

Different Levels of Antenanism

April 1st, 2019

On this episode, the crew talk about their field trip to go see the movie “Us” (4:30) ***SPOILER ALERT - THIS EPISODE WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS*** Tiff recaps the movie, Priest D and Dr. Ij discuss whether the characters truly represented Black people, Dr. Ij makes connections with inequality, and the crew give their rating on a scale from 1-10. We revisit the Jussie Smollett case in light of the charges being dropped against him (37:30), forgive Cardi B for her stripper indescretions (41:30), and ponder the motivation behind Miss Jackson suing Money Mayweather over some old jewelry (49:00). Priest D uses the Elton John movie to open up dialogue with his son about same sex relationships (58:00). We end the episode talking about adoption and foster care (1:08:00). Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast. Also if you rock with us, tell 10 friends and then tell them to tell 10 friends. 

Tiff’s Joe Budden Voice

March 25th, 2019

On this episode, Tiff reminds us that she is back and in full effect as she helps reel Priest D back in on his opening freestyle and aka introductions. We look out towards summer vacation and whether or not we’re “cruise ready” (11:00). Btw, are you supposed to buy all new clothes for vacations? Also, is Disneyland the cleanest place on earth? The crew also get into their vacations as kids, where they went, who they went with and what they did (40:10). Priest D talks about how his sons responded to seeing two guys dance with each other on J Lo’s show and asks Tiff and Dr. Ij for advice on how to adjust his approach on teaching his children about same sex relationships (51:00). The crew really deep dive into some of Priest D’s fears and misunderstandings as he tries to evolve in order to be a better role model for his children. The conversation expands to incorporate race and colorism as Tiff highlights for the guys how our children’s attitudes towards other people are readily being shaped by what they hear and see in us. We end the episode with Tiff’s roundup (1:25:00). In this week’s roundup we are talking LHHNY and Rich Dollaz and Joe Budden losing their mind over Erica Mena. Spoiler alert - Tiff thinks Joe Budden was doing WAY too much. Please remember to subscribe, rate and review our podcast, as well as share with a friend. 

Chocolate Girls Rock

March 18th, 2019

On this episode, we introduce a new fill in host - Chris, aka… Trap$$$ Christie, who sat in for Tiff who was “Living her Best Life” this week, aka “Booked and Busy”. Dr. Ij and Priest D discuss their dying romance and how they don’t spend no time together no more (6:00). Trap$$$ Christie does “The Round-up” and talks about The Confession Tapes documentary on Netflix (11:15). This leads to a rousing conversation about whether or not you would bail your partner out of jail. We then get into how Trap$$$ Christie met Priest D & Tiff, and her life in the military (37:00).  Priest D is mad at Spike Lee for being happy about winning an Academy Award (53:00), and is curious about why a billionaire would have enhancement surgery. The show ends with a debate on whether a light skinned Black woman can wear a shirt that says Chocolate Girl Rocks - “the colorism is real.” 

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